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~ Fees ~

Below are some basic approximations, which might not take into consideration your specific needs. If you would like to tell me about your project, I would be happy to provide a FREE CUSTOMIZED QUOTE.

Some people charge by the word or the hour, or they have a list of fixed fees for predefined services.

I prefer to charge by the specific job. Here's why:

Agreeing up front on a charge for a job frees both you and me to focus on the best wording, rather than on word count. It frees you to ask as many questions or give as much helpful information as you can, without feeling like you will be billed for taking my time. I've found that the first few minutes of a conversation are often either pleasantries or matter-of-fact business; but if we feel free to talk longer, more relevant ideas and information will likely surface—and that helps me do a better job for you. I want to earn a fair wage, but I want to focus more on the best possible product, and less on the clock.

Something to keep in mind . . .

. . . is that while the size of your project (number or words or complexity of images) is helpful in estimating my fee, the value you will receive from me is well above average among writers, editors, and graphic artists. I will give you considerable time and attention from your very first inquiring email, engaging in personalized correspondence with you as we discuss your needs and how best to proceed. I provide further informative and helpful communication throughout long projects, and with the completion of shorter projects. I always allow for the possible need to make adjustments based on your opinion and preferences. You will benefit from my experience, talent, and skill, and I won't waste your time needing excessive guidance; but you can also have as much input as you like in the final product.

So here are some estimates:

  • Ghostwriting a book . . . $200 PER 1,000 anticipated words.
  • Ghostwriting a booklet of 50 pages or 14,000 words . . . $2,800.
  • Ghostwriting a full-length novel/memoir of 60,000 words . . . $12,000.

  • Basic editing of text you wrote . . . $30 PER 1,000 words you wrote.
  • Deep re-working of text you wrote . . . (same charge as Ghostwriting).

  • Page layout and "typesetting" of finished text, with proofreading . . . $50 PER 1,000 words.
  • Proofreading only (checking for errors in text someone else has typed) . . . $20 PER 1,000 WORDS.

  • Inventing a name, slogan, and/or tag line . . . $200-500.

  • Re-drawing an EXISTING simple image (for scalable quality printing) . . . $40-60.
  • Re-drawing an EXISTING complex image (for scalable quality printing) . . . $100-$300.

  • Inventing and drawing a NEW simple image . . . $150-200.
  • Inventing and drawing a NEW complex image . . . $250-$600.

Payment for smaller jobs will be due prior to delivery.

Larger jobs will require a down payment, periodic payments throughout the work, and a final percentage of the fee paid upon completion of the job.

Fees may be paid by check, money order, or you may use your credit card through PayPal.com

NOTE: These estimates are subject to change over time, and may not apply if your job has extra requirements.

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