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Samples and Testimonials

Some of my clients have given me permission to use the texts and graphic art that I created for their needs, as samples to show people like you what I can do.

Below are a variety of things I've done — some were for clients, and some were my own projects.

♥ Please remember that whatever I create for you may be completely different, depending on your needs. ♥

Full-color book illustrations:
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WRITING samples:
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Custom blog post, researched and written for client, titled:

How a Dream Business Became an Instant Hit After Three Years of Work

Custom blog post, researched and written for client, titled:

The Difference Between
Business Brokers and M&A Advisors

Facebook and Twitter Posts for Client's Business

Purpose: PR & product awareness for VOM FASS specialty food store (olive oils, vinegars, and spices).

An e-book on digital marketing, written and formatted to client's specifications, titled:


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Line drawing book illustrations:
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Personal Blog Posts:

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Below are more images I've created for
book covers, Web pages, T-shirts, etc.

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Tales of Victor Lightning, Page 43

♥   I have also designed and created this website for Ascending Talent.   ♥

My goal is to help you reach your goals!
—Noname Porter-McShirley

for Ascending Talent — Noname Porter-McShirley
Ghostwriter, Content Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

"I like how you used information from everything I sent to you to put it all together, and I appreciate your effort connecting the dots. I couldn't have said it better myself. I appreciate the service I've gotten from you. I am really happy and excited to submit the personal statement. I think it does a great job showing how you can write for almost any purpose. I like it more and more every time I read it . . . to me it's a masterpiece!"
—Andrew, from Hawaii & Ohio

"You have done an outstanding job of providing relevant, consistent and informative posts for VOM FASS for the past 6 months. Your posts have attracted a good bit of views and response from readers. It's has also organically increased the number of likes on our page. I want to thank you for that."
—Sundaresh Ramanathan, VOM FASS Indy
My name is John Edmundson. I am a Principal at InterEdge Marketing. We provide web strategy, content marketing and lead nurturing programs targeting business to business customers.

I work with Noname McShirley on content projects for my customers including blog and social media posts and white papers. She's a capable writer that I'd recommend to others that have a comparable need. Her skills include:
  • Effectively developing content with well researched information written in an appropriate customer focused style.
  • Adept at taking broad subjects and developing into detailed, meaningful topics for all social media.
  • Executing an editorial calendar with timely posts, embedded with target keywords and inbound and outbound links to related content, to maximize optimization.
  • Developing Blog and Social Media Posts and White Paper and Ebooks.
If you need any additional information please contact me.
John Edmundson
InterEdge Marketing

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