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* Sorry, I cannot accept new clients at this time *


When your project looks good, you feel good, and others respect you.

A well-written book or other text can really propel you higher into your dreams, whether those dreams are personal, social, professional, or any combination thereof.

            (writing for you and with you, without taking any credit for myself or my company).


            (for clarity, plot, story and character development, punctuation, grammar, typographical errors, etc.).

            (color scheme, page-layout, font styles & enhancement, illustrations, book covers, company logos, etc.).
  • Create something to your liking from your basic ideas.
  • Help finish something you've started.
  • Or simply polish your work if you are already further along in the writing process.
  • Stick strictly to your detailed instructions.
  • Or I can suggest story paths, text strategies and designs.

IMPRESSIVE WRITING IS much more than correct spelling and proper punctuation. There's an art to respecting traditional rules of communication while crafting something fresh and powerful.

I CAN help you with all of the following, and more:
  • Titles
  • Logos
  • Tag lines
  • Mission statements
  • Speeches
  • One-page documents
  • Articles
  • Booklets
  • How-to guides
  • Full-length books for any age of reader
  • Whatever you have in mind, go ahead and ask me about it

AS YOUR FREELANCE ASSISTANT behind the scenes, I will endeavor to make your finished product feel comfortable and satisfying to you, keeping it as much as possible in your style and "voice," and always true to your ideas. My goal is to enhance you and your writing.

YOUR IDEAS WILL remain your property and under your control. I will keep them confidential, and would be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for you. I would not even disclose having worked with you in my portfolio (samples to prospective customers), unless you specifically authorize me to do so.

YOU WILL HAVE all rights to the work you pay for. Only your name need ever appear as author. You will have all say as to who may do what with the finished text and/or images, and you will have the right to all royalties should you secure a publishing agreement with any publisher.

I DO HAVE SOME LIMITS as to the types of jobs I will take on. I won't work with sexually explicit romance novels, super freakish or gory fiction, horror, or anything I perceive to be fraudulent. I reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason.

WE HAVE ALL SEEN many books containing worthy ideas that were tarnished by their author's lack of writing and editing skills. If you have great ideas to share, but you are better at talking or doing than at writing, I can be of real help to you.

PLEASE SEND me an email, or a message through the above Contact page. Tell me about the specific text or image project you need help with. And, you may also want to include some information about where you want to go in the bigger picture of life and career, so that I can do my best for you.

CONTACTING ME IS FREE. We will answer each other's questions and, if you decide to use my services, we will come to an agreement on what is to be done, deadlines, and charges. For an advance idea of cost, please see my Fees page.

What I Can Not Do is put your writing or illustrations to work for you. You may have to enlist the services or a web page programmer, printer, agent, publisher, or other professional to take your project forward once I have "perfected" your text.

It's also important to remember that no one is perfect!
  • Some things are a matter of opinion, so once you and I agree your text is great, there will surely be some people who will disagree.
  • No proofreader finds 100% of the typographical or grammatical errors in a fifty thousand word document.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this.
Create a wonderful day!

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